Lit Like Luma respects and loves our artists, they receive a commission on sales of their art. Connecting their work to you through clothing inspired by electronic music culture is our mission. Please meet our contributing artists.

Lit Like Luma Contributing Artist Sofia Noel Goodwin

Sofia Noel Goodwin is a watercolor, acrylic, and ink artist that resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is a beautiful true basshead and Luma met her selling her art from the lobby floor of the NYE 360 concert venue hotel. Aka Sofi, she is a rising luminary in the world of music culture inspired art.  Her maxim: "radical peace through creative expression".

Ahmed Lindeman Portrait

Ahmed Lindemann Mohammed is the Austin-based artist Ahmed LLL Mohammed known for Cosmic mapping; nightmares, dreams, and all in between. Luma met Ahmed painting at a flux family music and art weekend in Arkansas.   Ahmed aka LittleLuckyLink is an animator, artist, filmmaker guy who enjoys lighthouses, and horror films. He writes: "To express is to impact, and to sooth is to progress."

James McCarthy Portrait

James McCarthy is Michigan-born and currently resides in Florida. James has been exhibiting work in various galleries in the Tampa Bay area since the year 2000. Currently you can see his work in the Wandering Eye Gallery in Ybor City and Anthem Games in Carrollwood. He writes: "I am a surrealist but I also consider myself a landscape painter. ... Much of my paintings are inspired by 'mindscape' music such as prog rock, new age, psychedelic, medieval and certain classical music."

Jake and Metron's Cube Mural

Jake Schommer lives in Champlin, Minnesota. Jake can be found at EDM events looking fly. A Minnesota National Guard Infantryman, he has worked as a Personal Trainer. He writes: "Invest in you, invest time in yourself some of ya'll you spend so much time with other people, you spend so much time trying to get people to like you, you spend so much time to fit in that you dont even know who you are."

Joshua Levin and his paintings

Joshua Levin "Say “yes” to the adventure that calls to your heart. Perhaps I’ll see you there and we can celebrate art-fully, beautifully, awake and alive, content and inspired in the brilliance of it all. Nurture your dreams with your practice. Fulfill the promise of all that you are. Love yourself that you may genuinely love others. That’s what I’m on about. My art, my music, my teaching and life reflects that."